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I am so excited to introduce to Dru. He will be bringing a new curated collection of men's vintage to LaliSimone. I am often asked and encouraged by many to carry men's apparel. So here it is. While we bring the collection live to the website, here's a brief bio of Dru. Come by and meet him in person when you have a chance.


About Dru

Inspired by the Bay Area’s melting pot of individuality and all of its intricacies,
Dru has developed an appreciation for the community of individuals who live on the edges and have the audacity to embrace uniqueness.

Fashion itself has always been a representation of expression, individuality, and culture.

His collection of men’s vintage is a product of that counter culture spirit and reflection of personal style & taste.
Dru’s goal is to build community for men who appreciate the rarities & stories of vintage while reducing additional waste to the environment as well as acting as a personal stylist, harvester of rare gems, & save time for those less inclined to the thrill of the hunt.

men's vintage men's vintage by Dru

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