Consignment Request

LaliSimone is a stylist-owned boutique that sells fashion-forward vintage and contemporary pre-loved designer items.

Consignment is now by appointment only.

First read the consignment terms, conditions, and policies below to understand the consignment contract. Then send photos to where we will preselect the items we want to see in person. If we see anything that we're interested in, we will contact you to make an appointment to further evaluate the items in person.

What we will need from you when you consign at LaliSimone:

  1. Name
  2. cell phone number
  3. email
  4. Payment method and your handle (PayPal, Cash via Zelle, mailed Check)
  5. if you want your items returned or donated
  6. Acceptance of the Consignment Terms and Policies outlined below.

Thank you!

Judith, Owner



Consignment Terms, Conditions, and Policies:

LaliSimone will take any item that we think will sell at the shop. We prefer seasonal items, but will consider off-season items if they are exceptional.

Consignment Period= 90 days.

Consignment Split= 40% Consignor, 60% LaliSimone for payout. 40% for Store Credit


  • LaliSimone pays only through PayPal, Cash through a Zelle, a cashier's check cut and mailed from the bank, or store credit. No exceptions.
  • If the consignor does not have any of these accounts set up, they will be asked to choose a method, then sign up for that account, and update LaliSimone with their payment information. It is up to the consignor to provide payment information as soon as possible AND BEFORE THE END OF THE 90 DAY CONSIGNMENT PERIOD. Email or call/text 510-549-6052.
  • LaliSimone reserves the right to hold payment until the consignor has sent the payment info to LaliSimone. LaliSimone will not pursue the consigner for this information.
  • If the consignor has not provided payment information to LaliSimone by the last day of their 90-day consignment term, they agree to forfeit their share of the sale.
  • LaliSimone pays consignors at the end of the following month for items sold in the current month.
  • If you opt for store credit as your payout, a store credit will be sent to your email address on file.
  • Trade and direct buys are not available.
  • By consigning at LaliSimone you agree to the Consignment Terms, Conditions, and Policy outlined here.


What do I consign?

LaliSimone sells curated vintage, designer, and highly-curated contemporary items that are non-designer. Things to consider when bringing in your items:


    • We are willing to look at all of your clothing regardless of the condition they are in
    • Shoes need to be like-new.

Characteristics of Items

    • We are especially excited by rare vintage that is at least 20 years old
    • We love street style, high-end designers, or local designers with a cult following.
    • Unique, eclectic, and/or ethnic clothing
    • We lean towards natural fibers, but will not turn away synthetics if they are unique or eclectic
    • We are especially on the lookout for vintage items that run larger in size
    • Any and all colors

How will I know when my item(s) sell?

After evaluation of the accepted items, LaliSimone will price each item and invite you to create an account on our consignment portal. You will see your items, their list price as well as any transactional details. You will also be able to see your payout history and any balances you're owed.

Pricing & Discounts

LaliSimone prices items based on various factors including but not limited to age, rarity, designer, origin, uniqueness, season, and market demand.

For items that have not sold

  • the original price is reduced by 15% between day 31-59 days
  • from day 60-90 original price is reduced by 25%
  • LaliSimone reserves the right to offer discounts up to 15% at our discretion OR when running store promotions

What happens to my items if they don't sell?

Items will remain for sale in our store for 90 days.  It is up to the consignor to reclaim items by making an appointment for items to be pulled 1 week after the 90 days are up.  If such action is not taken, items will be automatically donated 1 week later. No exceptions.

Once your items have been on the floor for 90 days your unsold items can either be donated or you can pick them up. LaliSimone will send 1 digital communication only 1 week before the 90-day mark to let you know it’s time to pick up your unsold items. You will have 1 week only to pick up your items. After that week, the items belong to LaliSimone without further obligation to pay the consignor if they're sold. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To collect your items, please email at Allow 3-5 days to pull your items. Please email before the 90 day consignment period is complete.

When do I get my money?

LaliSimone will pay at the end of the following month, or sooner, 40% of the selling price for any items that sold in a current month. The payment will be made through the consignor’s payment preference as mentioned above. I recommend that you check your tracking sheet regularly to see which items have sold and need to be paid. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions at

What if something is lost or damaged?

While we do what we can to prevent theft, loss & damage, it may happen from time to time. LaliSimone will press charges against any person caught shoplifting.  We are unable to reimburse our consignors for these occurrences.

What if I change my mind?

You are welcome to pick up your items at ANY time for ANY reason. Up until your item sells or 90 days, you maintain ownership of it.  Please call ahead of time and allow us 3-5 days to pull your items.

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