Prizm Lubyey Nail Decals

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Color Metallic Gold

Description : The Lubyey nail decals come in metallic gold and can be topped with regular top coat or gel top coat. Each pack comes with one sheet of 60 decals. Origin of Design: The Lingling-O amulet has different meanings across many cultures such as luck, fertility, and virility. For the Kalingas, the symbol is called Lubyey and is a sign of wealth and made of pure gold. Kalinga is a tribal community as well as a landlocked province located in Northern Luzon, in the Philippines’ Cordillera Region.

Item Number : 10-2

Category : Nails

Brand : Rozel Cruz

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Vintage Condition Descriptions
Mint: Virtually no wear, mostly refers to vintage that has never been worn.

Excellent: Expected signs of wear, with consideration of the age, but hardly any signs of wear.

Very Good: Shows normal signs of wear expected for age with some minor visible problems but will not detract from wear.

Good: Garment has an obvious condition, but overall intact. Could use mending and/or cleaning.

Fair: A piece of vintage that is most likely not wearable, but could serve as a fantastic inspiration piece.

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